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William Arendt - Sacajawea and Pomp 45" x 62"

William Arendt - Sacajawea and Pomp 45" x 62"

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Howard Kearns (1907-1947)
Two Girls in a Treehouse, n.d.

Watercolor on paper
Paper: 5” x 7”
Signed Lower Center: Howard Kearns

Rendered sketch-like and in light watercolors, two young girls lounge on the platform of a treehouse on a lazy summer day. The blond, curly-haired girl clad in overalls gazes away from the viewer, while the girl on the right, her ruddy-brown hair tied up in a bow, is shown in profile. A minimal yet expressive use of color imbues the work with a sense of calm life, as deep ochre strokes suggest the branches, light greens the leaves, and pale blue the sky.

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