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Wayne Justus - Elk Stalkers 36" x 48"

Wayne Justus - Elk Stalkers 36" x 48"

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Wayne Justus (b. 1952)
Elk Stalkers, n.d.

Oil on canvas
Canvas: 36” x 48”
Frame: 48” x 60”

Signed Lower Right: W Justus
Verso: Signed, Titled: WAYNE JUSTUS / “Elk Stalkers”

Two Indigenous American men on horseback duck behind tall vegetation while a large elk grazes alongside the river in the distance. With hunched positions and heads turned toward one another—a strategic conversation taking place—the men draw their guns and wait for the opportune moment to move forward with their plan. With sharp, defined shadows and vivid colors, Justus paints this scene with intense realism. 

Private Collection Jackson, WY
Private Collection, Utah

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