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Travis Humphreys - Sacred Ground 11" x 7"

Travis Humphreys - Sacred Ground 11" x 7"

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Travis Humphreys (American, b. 1965)
Sacred Ground, n d.

Gouache on paper
Paper: 11” x 7”
Frame: 19.5” x 15.5”

Titled and Signed Lower Right: “Sacred Ground” / T. Humphreys © 

Jutting out of the land, a platform of sturdy sticks forms a Native American sky burial. Set against a cool, monochromatic backdrop, the scene is fraught with grief and mourning; however, the presence of two lively animals reminds the viewer of the cycle of life and the body’s return to nature.

 Spread beneath a cloudy sky, the landscape is desolate, punctured sporadically by small growths of dry vegetation. A horse stands behind the structure, the circle around its eye symbolizing its enhanced sense of sight, while its steamy breath suggests the life and strength still in the animal’s veins. The bird soaring high above implying freedom and new life.

Brandford’s Auction Gallery, Wild West Art Auction, November 6, 2022, Lot 1514
Private Collection, Utah

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