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Maynard Dixon - Navajo Wagon 1904 11.25" x 15"

Maynard Dixon - Navajo Wagon 1904 11.25" x 15"

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Maynard Dixon (1875-1946)
Navajo Wagon, 1904

Graphite on paper
Paper: 7” x 10”
Frame: 11.625” x 15”

Signed with artist’s symbol and Dated Lower Right: ’04

A wagon is positioned moving away from the viewer in a composition evoking the quiet, rugged simplicity characteristic of Dixon’s oeuvre. The driver of the wagon is visible, but only partially so, as if to suggest the anonymity of this figure and the many others like him who traveled the vast, harsh terrain of the American Southwest. The presence of a rider accompanying the wagon adds a sense of camaraderie amidst the solitude of the landscape. With deft and minimal lines, Dixon captures the essence of this iconic piece of American mythos.

Private Collection, California
Mitchell, Brown, Duncan Gallery – Santa Fe, New Mexico

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