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Marilynn Dwyer Mason - Evening Moose 46" x 86"

Marilynn Dwyer Mason - Evening Moose 46" x 86"

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Marilynn Dwyer Mason (American, 1943-2022)
Untitled (Moose in Landscape), n.d.

Oil on canvas
Canvas: 46” x 86”
Frame: 60.5” x 99.5’ 



A large antlered moose stands in the shallows of a lake. In the background, a tent is set up near the shore. The artist includes storytelling details, like water actively falling from the animal and smoke rising from a fire outside the tent. These details might suggest that the animal came to standing just before this shot, and that perhaps there are residents in the nearby dwelling even though the viewer cannot see them. Blurred reflections on the water add life and realism to the painting. 

Jackson Hole Art Auction, September 16, 2023, Lot 96
Private Collection, Utah

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