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Greg Giordano - First over the Ridge 24" x 20"

Greg Giordano - First over the Ridge 24" x 20"

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Greg Giordano (b. 1935)
First over the Ridge, 1985

Canvas: 24” x 20”
Frame: 31” x 27”

Signed Lower Right: Greg Giordano

With impeccable photographic realism, a wolf is depicted standing atop a snow bank, its breath visible in the frigid air, and his eyes watchful. The painting is carefully composed, featuring a contrast of colors, as in a sky that transitions from a warm, muted gold to a deep and foreboding gray. The snow is painted with dynamic brushstrokes, giving the impression of motion. Golden blades of grass break through the snow, adding a sense of hope and life to this otherwise bleak winter landscape. The rocks and snow-dusted pines create a sense of texture and depth to the composition.

March in Montana, 36th Annual March in Montana Auction, March 17, 2023, Lot 414
Private Collection, Utah

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