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Gayle Nason - Anasazi Olla 12" x 18"

Gayle Nason - Anasazi Olla 12" x 18"

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Gayle Nason (b. 1949)
Anasazi Olla, n.d.

Acrylic on board
Board: 12” x 18”
Frame: 18” x 24”

Signed Lower Left: Gayle Nason
Verso: Titled and Signed: “Anasazi Olla” / Gayle Nason ©

A pair of ornately beaded moccasins are depicted at the center of the painting, prickly pears scattered around them. Two cracked pieces of black and white pottery are depicted in great detail, drawing attention to the porous texture and cracks in their surfaces. The deep brown hue of the background accentuates the more vibrant colors of the foreground. Nason’s use of multiple glazes in the tradition of the Old Masters adds striking depth and realism to the scene.

March in Montana, 36th Annual March in Montana Auction, March 17, 2023, Lot 278
Private Collection, Utah

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