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Edmond Woods - Yellow Landscape 18" x 24"

Edmond Woods - Yellow Landscape 18" x 24"

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Edmond Woods (American, 1905-1990)
Yellow Landscape, n.d.

Oil on Masonite
Masonite: 18” x 24”
Frame: 24” x 30.5”

Signed Lower Right: EDMOND WOODS

A small figure, dressed in bold red, sits serenely on the banks of a clear stream that winds its way through the composition. Opposite her stands a striking, red-barked tree, exploding in effusions of light and golden leaves that seem either to reflect or contrast the woman’s spirit. The brushwork throughout is somewhat haphazard, adding to the overall sense of energy and movement in the piece. Despite the similarities in color and positioning between the woman and the tree, the viewer is struck by the contrasting energies at play .

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