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Dennis Grismer - Headin' Home 24" x 48"

Dennis Grismer - Headin' Home 24" x 48"

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Dennis Grismer (b. 1954)
Headin’ Home, n. d.

Oil on board
Board: 24” x 48”
Frame: 36” x 60”

Signed Lower Right

A rugged, bearded man on a white horse leads a sturdy pack horse through a valley bathed in the light of the waning afternoon. Verdant forests of tall pines lay at the base of towering snow-capped cliffs, tinged with pink hues and looming above him as he passes through. The artist’s use of bold brushstrokes and vivid colors contrasts with the deep shadows, creating a sense of ponderous beauty in the lone traveler’s journey across a majestic landscape.

Private Collection, Helena, MT.
March in Montana, 36th Annual March in Montana Auction, March 17, 2023, Lot 736
Private Collection, Utah

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