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Bud Helbig - Horse & Foal 9.75" x 13'

Bud Helbig - Horse & Foal 9.75" x 13'

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Bud Helbig (1919-2002)
Horse & Foal, n.d.
Watercolor on paper

Paper: 9.75” x 13”
Frame: 21” x 25”
Signed Lower Left: Bud Helbig

A horse and her foal stand in a field awash in warm tones and fine detail.  The grass in the foreground is cut sharply, almost crudely, into the earthy diffusions of the base color and against the soft contours of the shapes beyond the fence. The fence enforces a sense of alienation that exists between the horses and the viewer, which is both perpetuated by the mare’s disinterested gaze and undermined by the intimacy of recognition.

Distinguished Corporate Collection, Minnesota
Revere Auctions, January Day 2: Postwar & Contemporary Art, January 25, 2023, Lot 509
Private Collection, Utah

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